Digital Psychology

Elevate your product using psychological techniques


Digital Psychology is a free library of psychological principles and examples for use in your next product 🤓

Apply these techniques to enhance the customer experience and influence your user's behavior 🔥

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  • Odair Faléco
    Odair FalécoUX Consultant

    These information is spread around the web in several websites but is always good to have them in hand and with minimal design :)


    Just one little thing mentioned below

    The item "Commitment Consistency > Pop-ups with Yes/No questions" mentions the tatics of making our users look like fools, in my opinion this is not a great UX practice so maybe I would't put it on the list. I dont this this practice is good for UX.

    "...say “yes” to leave your email address in a second step to get a freebie, or be foolish and choose “no.”

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  • Mad Mat
    Mad MatRebel. Leader. Fighting underdog.

    good for both offence and defence: use these hacks for your product but keep them in mind when you're considering another product


    you can get too drunk on power! :))

    It saddens me that so few people utilize psychology to grow their products and ideas, and even less so use it to guard against being manipulated. This is a good starting point into the field geared towards online products

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  • Nick Hertz
    Nick HertzAssociate, AddVenture fund

    Oh wow! I had to previously recommend 3-5 books on this. This will do well enough for most early stage product teams.


    An example or two from an actual product would be even better.

    Cant be blank.

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