Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Digital marketing strategy guide in a retro, 8-bit design 🎮

A digital marketing strategy guide in a retro, 8-bit design. Learn exactly how to massively increase traffic and sales from every digital marketing channel as quickly as possible. Inspired by old-school strategy guides from the ‘90s like Nintendo Power.
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👋 Hi Product Hunters! If you know what I'm talking about when I say ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A START, you and I are gonna get along juuuuust fine.🕹️ If you played video games in the '90s, and you're interested in digital marketing, then this product is perfectly optimized for YOU. 🎮 We've created a digital marketing strategy guide that teaches you how to increase traffic and sales on your website. We did it with a retro, 8-bit design, inspired by old-school strategy guides from the ‘90s like Nintendo Power. 📖 There 8 different guides, covering: - Digital Marketing - Search Engine Optimization - Paid Advertising - Social Media Marketing - Email Marketing - Content Marketing - Web Analytics - Sales Funnels Each of the guides includes: 🗺️World Map: Learn how each digital marketing channel fundamentally works 💰Strategy: Step-by-step framework to launch profitable campaigns on every channel (no hacks, tips, or tricks here—just stuff that will actually get you results in the long run!) 📚Stats: How to avoid being overwhelmed with data and just focus on the few metrics that truly matter 🛠Power-ups: The essential tool stack to succeed (you don’t need dozens of advanced software tools) 👬Helpers: Find out who you can trust for helpful advice and avoid the “digital marketing media” industry 🚀Quickstart Guide: The exact steps you need to follow to boost ❌Traps: The most common mistakes people make that end up costing them countless hours and money (and how to avoid them) One last thing: we're going to launch hard copies of this guide as well! 📗 Stay tuned for that. 😎 So check it out, use it, and let us know what you think!
First off the design is STUNNING. Impressive work @eduardoyi / @tommygriffith. Piggybacking off the traps section I'm curious what is the tactical mistake people make the most often with digital marketing beyond listening to thot leaders or imposter syndrome? Forgetting tags? poor URL structure? I'm sure you've seen hundreds of companies and individuals make the same basic mistake over and over again.
@mrmikesmith Pull up a chair and grab a lemonade, pal. How many hours do you have? :p It really depends on the channel, but I think the biggest mistake is not thinking through a comprehensive strategy at the beginning. For example, I'm a big fan of doing search engine keyword research BEFORE getting started, to create a data-driven strategy across every channel. You'd be surprised at how many people just sit down and say "I'm going to write about X because I feel like it", when they can let the data guide them instead.
@tommygriffith 👨🏼‍💼⑁🍹 <- me in my chair with lemonade: Makes sense. As a person who writes about X because I feel like it this hits home. Most of my writing is cathartic and a way to get my ideas out there but I really should do a little research before diving in. That said it is a harder challenge when I'm not trying to sell tea or supplements but instead selling myself and my ideas.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I was a beta user of this guide—excited to see this live :)


Super comprehensive! Fun to read :)


None that I can think of

Very cool guide. I received an earlier version and I thought it was very well put together and informative.
@ederman1 Thank you Eder! 🙌
Nice work @tommygriffith and @eduardoyi ! Thanks for putting this together. Your content is second to none. #daygame
@jimwhuffman Thanks Jim!