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US only, it appears. @rrhoover any updates on adding geo-flags to products with a geographical limitation like this?
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@jameskoole that's a great idea.
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I've been using Digit for months and it's one of those products that I find myself regularly recommending. Saving money has been on autopilot, leaving me with far more cash set aside than would have otherwise. It's been easy, and even fun, to have my bank balance more top of mind (wow, weird to type that). One of the things I really enjoyed about Digit was that it was nearly entirely SMS-based. I enjoyed that as the UI and getting a text pushed to me every day was the kind of experience I needed. Would love to hear from someone at Digit why they felt a native app was necessary and am looking forward to trying it out.
Hey @anthonymarnell, glad to hear your enjoying Digit so far! We built the app for 2 primary reasons: 1. For people who wanted to visually see their money vs. it being in this nebulous SMS world. 2. To show people what Digit can do via custom keyboard vs. needing to remember different commands command line style. That being said if pure SMS works for you than don't change a thing!
Congrats Ethan and team!
Congrats on the iPhone launch! I'm always amazed at how much Digit has been able to save for me, and I love that it's completely invisible and out of mind, which is something that's almost never said when it comes to personal finance...
Hopefully and Android version is in the works, I've been using Digit quite a bit the past few months. Great service, for those who tend to spend recklessly sometimes :)