Dialogs by Slack

Build interactive forms in Slack that do all sorts of things

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 28, 2017

Now you can build interactive forms in Slack that do all sorts of things. File a ticket, add assignees, gather feedback, take attendance, and much more.

  • Curtis Allen
    Curtis AllenSenior Software Engineer, Pearson

    great way to send form data to slack integrations


    No dynamic drop down field support

    so excited to have dialogs in slack :D

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  • Ravi Vadrevu
    Ravi VadrevuGrowth with AI

    This is a game changer for a lot of apps. Excited to disrupt hiring knowledge workers within Slack using our AI — Trunks (kriya.ai/trunks).


    Real-time drop down is necessary but the team says it's on the cards.

    A lot of enterprise apps will take advantage of these interactions.

    Ravi Vadrevu has used this product for one day.
Hey, Product Hunt! I’m Salman, a product manager at Slack. We are very excited to launch Dialogs, a new way to build interactive forms in Slack that do all sorts of things. Dialogs allow you to capture multiple pieces of information and send them directly to your app. You can use them to build apps that let people file project management tasks, create helpdesk tickets, add feedback, take attendance, assign owners, and much more! We’d love to hear how you might use Dialogs, let us know in the comments below. We will be around answering any questions you may have. Any and all feedback is deeply appreciated. You can also learn more on our blog: https://medium.com/@SlackAPI/bui...
@slackapi @salmansq might be a cool way to get feedback from teams! We know that our customers collaborate on building the best product tours and trade feedback, so making it easy to obtain that feedback from their existing collaboration space might be a really strong fit. If that could then easily flow into our support tool (Intercom, cc @destraynor) then that would be amazing!
@slackapi @salmansq have been waiting for this. Quick question: Can we load the drop-down options remotely like a typeahead?
@slackapi @salmansq from a developer standpoint, implementing dialogs was super smooth - one of the better experiences we've had working the Slack API! From a product standpoint, they improved the UX of our product *significantly*. A big step up for developers and users. 🔥🔥🔥
@slackapi @salmansq @raviformative Not right now, but we're looking at adding more dynamic select components soon.
@slackapi @salmansq @ajferrick Awesome, thanks. This works, helps us choose necessary elements to load. Classic MVP execution.
👏 👏 👏 We love the dialogs functionality! We love it so much that we actually integrated Slack's dialogs into Polly to make poll and survey taking so much simpler and intuitive. Check us out - http://bit.ly/2fSbbtz
That looks quite useful!
Very nice. I was working on a Slack app yesterday and thinking that this was a big gap that was missing, the need to link users to external webforms wasn't great from a UX perspective. So this is good news. Gonna play with it.... ;)