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Damn Daniel! Long time listener, first time caller. Is it possible for me to make apps or modules that I can sell on the marketplace? If so, how would you prevent people from duplicating those apps and modules and "steal" the IP.
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@bthdonohue Great question Brian. BTW I'm a big fan of Instapaper, it's part of one of my favorite featured apps on the Dexter marketplace right now! It's on our roadmap to support paid modules that can be incorporated into Dexter apps. Those modules would be considered private (i.e. you wouldn't be able to clone the code), but users would be able to incorporate them into their apps by paying the developer for their use. For now, everything is open!
Hey Product Hunters! Thanks for the hunt, I’m excited to share all the new things going on at Dexter. First, for those of you that are new to Dexter, it is a completely open platform that makes building shareable apps that use features from your favorite third party services as simple as possible. Since our launch last year, we’ve been hard at work making the platform better and today we’re excited to show off some major new features that make connecting the web a lot easier, including: - OAuth Support across 20+ services - 250 new modules that are available to help you connect third party services with your own custom logic - Native RSS and Slackbot support - A shiny new marketplace to discover new apps and share your creations You can read more about why we built Dexter here: Looking forward to hearing the community’s feedback and comments!
@danielilkovich Wow. This is awesome, I can't believe I didn't know dexter existed before now.
Dexter is slick. You can build useful functionalities with a few clicks using their built-in modules or write your own custom modules to perform more advanced tasks. Without much of a Node.js background, I was able to really quickly build an app to send me an SMS every morning that lets me know if my train is running with delays. It's a Swiss Army knife for your life.
@jrsjrsjrs wow that's awesome. can you paste a link to the app here?
Products that help the rest of us create and benefit from converational bots are going to be such a big market and I'm excited to see who prevails. Simplicity will be key here. I really want to try making one - maybe a weekend project :) Interesting (but not surprising) move from the launch last year with connecting APIs @danielilkovich tell us the story here
Thanks for the comment @bentossell. We're seeing a lot of activity in the conversational bot space as well, which is a big reason that we decided to include native bot support in the platform. We'd like to empower more people to build interesting and creative bots that really show off the capabilities of this new trend. With Dexter, it's now as simple as dragging the SlackBot module onto your app canvas!
So is this like Zapier but for conversational/SMS/bot apps?
@chrismessina We're not limited to bots at all -- that's just one way to use the platform. In general, we are much more open than Zapier, in that we allow developers to contribute full NodeJS packages. Also, Zapier is more of a "build for yourself" type service, we believe that the real benefit in the long run is being able to build and quickly iterate in our communities. Which is why we are releasing a marketplace today. Needless to say, we get the comparison a lot - so thanks for the question!