Open-source decentralized exchange price comparisons

DexIndex is an open source tool that searches Ethereum decentralized exchanges to find the best token prices.

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Hey PH! Pumped to be launching DexIndex with @grahamperich today. We both believe that the decentralized trading ecosystem built on Ethereum is phenomenal, but there isn't currently a great way to compare prices across DEX's in real-time. Sure, there are a few tools currently available, but those are proprietary tools built by for-profit companies. By building DexIndex as an open-source tool, we're seeking to encourage pricing transparency Ethereum ecosystem, while enabling anyone to build upon and fork the code to use as they'd like. Would love to answer any questions the community has! Thanks so much for the support and feedback!

DeFi will only continue to grow


Great interface


Should include centralized exchanges

To date no other options


Perfect usability


more dexes could be included

Thanks Alexander, we want to add as many of the DEXs as possible, especially UniSwap, ForkDelta and EthFinex ASAP. If you have any others in mind, definitely let me know and we'll try to prioritize it or ask from help in the GitHub
Nice and clean interface! What would be awesome if the exchange links would change dynamically with search. For instance if I am looking for ZXC, the IDEX link would take me to those orders, not to the exchange landing page. Otherwise, great job!
smooth interface, several useful features