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Thanks for posting, @erictwillis! DeviantArt is a community of 33 million members and we've been around for over 14 years, so it's probably pretty shocking that we haven't created an app until now. Our community has always asked for it, so we're happy to finally bring the DeviantArt experience to mobile. The app includes code site functionality, including browsing art, staying connected with your Watch List, and submitting art on the go. We have plenty of plans to bring more desktop features to mobile, and we know our community will have lots to say about what they want to see next. Just last week, we launched a rebrand, and our mobile app really puts our new brand identity into use. We're excited to see the response! Please share any questions you have! :)
New mobile apps give you access to the world's largest community for artists. As soon as the iOS app link is updated, I'll get it up.
Hey Dan, Deviant art is a huge site with a lot of history for me personally (I was an art student and I was a video game artist at one point). I'm extremely happy to see you guys trucking along. As with all heavy feature sites picking which features should be included in the mobile version can be tough. What was your approach on what features to roll out first?
@johnnyquachy Hey Johnny, great question! The most obvious features to include were ones that represent core functionality of the site — such as browse, search, submitting art, and profiles for our members. Though, there were some components that were a really tough call. We did some user testing with early prototypes that helped shape which components were absolutely needed and which were candidates for future releases. One tough realization we made very early on (before the app went into development), was that our Message Center does not work on mobile. Not sure how familiar you are with it, but it's closer to an email inbox rather than a more passive content browsing feed. Instead, we began development on a Watch Feed that lets you see activity from the people you follow in a more passive experience. This feature was released on desktop several months ago, ahead of mobile. Our "Notifications" section of the app lets you see important notifications, but doesn't include all of the extra clutter. Another issue we ran into was the inclusion of Notes (our private messaging system). The way they currently work doesn't translate to mobile. Our Notes are not threaded by user, so each time you reply, it's a new message. Having a back-and-forth conversation with one user — which is something people would do frequently on Mobile — starts to clutter your inbox. Moving forward, Notes will have to be restructured to a more chat-like system before we include it on mobile. This should be a pretty exciting change, since Notes are one of the site's most used features. Collecting artwork is also a very important aspect of DeviantArt, and is something we anticipated people would do frequently on mobile. Collections were a must, primarily because they provide valuable data to power our algorithms that determine similar artwork ("More Like This"). Since we've been around for 14 years, we've had quite a bit of experience predicting how the community will react to new features, which existing features/settings will cause an uproar if we forget, etc. As you said, there's a lot of history in the site, so it's not easy, but the reaction so far has been pretty great! :)
Nice hunt, @ericwillis. I think you may have scooped it a little early -- iOS isn't yet live today and the video on Google Play is still set to private. :) I'm really curious to hear more about how the DeviantArt team approached translating it's massive and long-established community to mobile.
@ericwillis @rrhoover Yeah. The app I downloaded from Google Play was actually the Deviantart Mobile View app. Noticed that a few minutes go that I downloaded an older version with a similar name. I'm going to keep refreshing and I'll get the apps up as soon as they are live.
@ericwillis @rrhoover I have the new android app running now. It's really nice! And the iOS app is live now as well.
@ericwillis @rrhoover Apple's link seems to be giving some people issues, but the direct link seems to be working better for people.
I've seen maybe 8 different people on Facebook feed post about the app so I'd say you guys are killing it! I also remembering hearing a podcast interview with you and all I kept thinking was how focused you guys sounded about your mission. Really impressive history, hope you guys all the best! Also, is in Hollywood (close to you guys) should grab lunch sometime!