• Iuri de Silvio
    Iuri de SilvioIndie life

    Gives you visibility about anything on GitHub, realtime.


    GitHub only

    It improved my response time to open source issues. It gave me better visibility for remote organizations I work for.

    Iuri de Silvio has used this product for one week.
  • Gabriel Rubens
    Gabriel RubensHead of Dev at Astrocoders

    Really good to keep up with my team's activity


    Minor UI problems like dragging to reorganize does not work and marking a column as read does not work sometimes

    It's really promising, it improved A LOT my workflow to review my team's code

    Gabriel Rubens has used this product for one month.


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JP Pincheira
JP Pincheira@restrex · Founder
This is such a great way to stay up to date with main libraries your app is based on and plan on how to update your codebase for the new changes!
Bruno Lemos
Bruno LemosMaker@brunolemos · Developer
Hello! Someone hunted DevHub today. While I really appreciate the intention, December 27th is a really bad date to launch and I'm finishing some important features before doing it. So this won't be featured now and real launch will probably happen on mid-jan/feb. Thanks!
Jonah Price
Jonah Price@jyonah · Just a guy in San Francisco
@brunolemos Looking forward to official launch!
Kevin H.A. Tan
Kevin H.A. Tan@s1lv3rd3m0n · Software Craftsman
Could be a nice product to have in aggregating Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab into one single window with multiple lanes.