Dev Tools by FullStory

Dev tools for every user session on your website


Analyze mysterious bugs as they occur in the wild, understand what impacts loading speeds, and provide clairvoyant-level customer support to your entire user base.

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Will Lam
Alex Wolkov ☭
Jordan Woods
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  • Pros: 

    Massively reduces troubleshooting time and "Can't Reproduce" outcomes, which ends up saving a lot of development resources.


    A bit pricey.

    1. Showed it to the Systems team

    2. Instantly located a optimization opportunity

    3. Deployed a fix to improve load time by 20%

    4. Done

    Elapsed time: 5 minutes

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  • Savraj Singh
    Savraj SinghCTO

    Game-changing level of user-understanding, great for support and UX teams


    recording/experience is amazing, straight-up analytics can improve (and they are)

    Takes a little while to learn all the bells and whistles -- and the primary focus is screen recording. People in your company may dismiss these recordings at anecdotal, but we've seen how fullstory is evolving to better support data gathering, trends, and analysis. They have some cool query tools already and we're excited to see where they're going with it.

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  • Will Lam
    Will LamPM & Marketer

    experiences we enjoy - devs!


    None that I know of

    The network view unearths more actionable info on what's slowing down your site.

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