Imagine your favorite front developer is always there for you. No freelance hunt and missed deadlines.
⏰ Delivery in 3 business days
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🎁 Product Hunt offer starts from €200
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Hi Hunters! I’m David, one of the makers of Long story short. When I met Jonathan in an anti-café in Station F (cowarking café), we ended up sympathizing. Soon after, we decided to create a Front team and were joined by Fred and Maxime. 2 years later, there are still four of us and we also work with other freelancers. We decided to create to continue working together on the technology we love the most: React. The story continues every day and we will be happy to develop your design (Xd / Sketch or Figma). is based in Paris France - if you want to send us postcards :) ✅ Responsive ✅ Pixel perfect ✅ Delivery = 3 business days ✋ Maximum length = 8332 px We know how complicated it is to find a good front-end developer and to continue working with him over time. We wanted to create a service as simple as Wetransfer where you can upload your design, pay and receive the code a few days later on your email. 😻🙏 -------- Fun Facts ⏳ We started freelancing in 2013 🔬 has been tested with our clients for an entire year ❤️ We already made more than 100 websites with 😉 We have several profiles ready to join us if there is a lot of demand. These are all the developers we have worked with before. -------- Offer We have set a price of €200 per page for our launch on Product Hunt, then we will go to €250 next week. Cheers, Excited David & Fred & Jon
Just ordered 2 pages. Let's see the result now
@dmitry_baranovsky thanks, yeah, we just downloaded your design and started to work on it 👌
@david_bensemoun the result is perfect, delivered on time. I found my front team
@dmitry_baranovsky Thank you Dmitry, I'm glad you like the result :)
Looking great! I love the pricing. A few points of improvement: - Navigation arrows for the examples - Make the examples clickable, and open them in a new tab That would make it easier for me to validate whether you've actually got the skills to make good stuff. Other points: - breaks on the "Your Front End Team on Demand" story are a bit weird, maybe just make two paragraphs with some margin in between? - My adblocker (ublock origin) breaks because it tries to remove the cookie notice, however it doesn't pick up on the blur overlay. Good luck!
@martijn_imhoff Hello Martijn, I'm glad that you like our pricing. It is for this type of comment that we love the PH community! Thank you for your comment, we are working on it 😀
Typo on the homepage: When I met Jonathan in an anti-café in Station F (cowarking café). Should be "cowOrking"
@refuseillusion Hi Tobias, thanks for your feedback. We will deploy a new version next week and will fix it btw :)