Plan, visually organize, and share trips with friends

DestaPlan is a travel social network that allows users to visually organize their trips, seamlessly coordinate itineraries, and explore friends' recommendations. We provide a centralized platform for when it comes to planning with friends, searching who's been where, seeing what they've done, and much more!

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Hey PH! Very excited to be here. We started DestaPlan with the vision of creating a platform to help make travel easier. Our cofounders initially experienced a problem while travelling Europe and North America in the sense that organizing trips, coordinating itineraries and sharing travel information was virtually impossible on one platform. We found little collaboration, and communication was scattered all over the place. We were tired of answering the same questions over and over again to friends that asked, "Where did you go - what did you do - how long - any recommendations?". DestaPlan looks to solve these problems on a easy-to-use platform, allowing users to input their entire all-inclusive itinerary, coordinate it with other travellers, share it, and recall it at any moment. Here's a highlight of some of our best features: - Heatmap of where DestaPlan travellers and friends are currently travelling to - MyTrip page to organize and store all logistics of a trip, able to invite friends to it - MyDesta page to serve as a profile of trips you have planned, trips you've been on, those saved, and your personal calendar - Newsfeed of all trips recently uploaded, filtered by public and users you are following - Search bar to navigate by city to see who's been there, what they've done, filtered by most popular trips - Search bar to navigate by people to search for friends and see their profiles
@ben_futoriansky How do you plan to make money with this?
@drewmeyers Hey Drew! Thanks for the question. We plan on a variety of ways, but the ones we can publicly disclose are: eventually we see DestaPlan as being an all-in-one research, plan, and booking platform where you can book your entire trip in one attempt through our site. Revenue will come from booking fees and click based referrals
@ben_futoriansky Got it. Note the industry for years has been trying to get travelers to research and book in one spot & part of one decision... to no avail. Research/planning and booking are two separate consumer mindsets, and there's historically been no real money to be made on the former. If there's anything I can be helpful with, please do let me know.

I am always the person people look to to plan trips abroad. Coordinating though text and Google sheets was a hassle and desta plan has been a life saver


Such a great way to plan trips with friends!


No mobile app. Hopefully one day!

I love the idea but I got errors when trying to connect Facebook, add a profile photo and add my home location so it's going to need some work before I really use it for trips :)
@noraconrad Hey Nora! Thanks for letting us know. Our team is working diligently on those bugs at the moment. We hope you signed up to our newsletter to stay updated with roll-outs of new features :)
@ben_futoriansky Looks interesting! I also can't sign up - using email and don't have the verification email (not in spam either). Any ideas?