Send doodles to your friends on your iPhone

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Hello ProductHunt! My name is Loic and I made Desss. I would love to answer the questions you may have. I made Desss because I loved using Digital Touch on my Apple Watch to send drawings to my friends (that own an Apple Watch). The thing is, I don't have many friends that own an Apple Watch but I have more friends that use an iPhone. So I made a tool to send drawings to all my friends! (Because I love them all) My username is 'loic', add me !
Reminds me of Sketch :) Would love to hear the story behind this!
@bentossell I had never heard of Sketch!
Since I first saw the drawing feature on the Apple Watch, I've wanted it on iMessage on ALL devices and still wonder why it's not.
Loïc, I like this app! Very simple (in a good way) and very cool. The doodle/sketch space seems kind of crowded (and perhaps somewhat dead after Draw Something) but I believe there's still a lot of interesting possibilities ahead, almost everyone likes to doodle and share drawings. I'd like to see Apple Pencil come to the iPad Air and Mini sometimes soon (want the Pencil for drawing but not on the giant iPad Pro). My doodle app opinion(s) disclaimer 😎: I'm a big (biased) fan of doodling & sketching apps, been working on one of my own (iPhone) for a while too, please check it out and let me know what you think --
@joro1 Thanks for the kind words! Your app is awesome!
PS Why the name "Desss"? What (if anything) does the app name mean?
@joro1 Desss comes from the french word "Dessiner" which means "To Draw" :-)