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How great designers create successful products

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Scott Hurff
Product Manager & Lead Designer, Tinder
Whoa! So excited to see this here. Thanks @rrhoover for providing some backstory and @philipamour for posting. Truth be told, word got out a little early :) I have a sweet, sweet bundle in the works for the PH community that'll drop on Jan 12. @rrhoover — the biggest thing that wowed me was not what everyone said, but what they went on to do. You and everyone else went onto build incredible things like Product Hunt. And embedded in that trend is a focus on the fundamentals: building products based on what people are already doing, and accelerating that trend. So many times "products" are confused with "experiments" or "toys," and it muddies the waters on what makes something work in the marketplace. So that's really what I focused the book on — why products work, and the work that's required to make them work. And yes, there are lots of pages devoted to user interfaces and ergonomics. I couldn't leave _that_ out :) More to come, and thanks everyone for the votes.
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Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
Fun fact: Scott was kind enough to interview me for this book over two years ago, before Product Hunt started. From what I've gathered, the book has become a much bigger project than originally planned. @scotthurff - You interviewed dozens of awesome people, including @joshelman, @hnshah, @jbrewer, and @imcatnoone. What was the most common or insightful advice you learned?
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Terril Van HemertCo-Head Honcho at
Excited to read this!
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Paul StavropoulosFounder, Kefi Labs LLC
Someone sent me an email with one of your posts on this book. Looks fantastic!
Jacob JarnvallFounder, Big Orange Button
Looking forward to tomorrows bundle offer :) Will you send it by email @scotthurff or post a link here?