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#3 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2015
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm open-sourcing this iOS client for Designer news. Check the source code in Swift: Spent over 2 months working with iOS developers to create the perfect model for the Design+Code course for designers. This is the final result and it's out. Would love your feedback!
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@mengto This is really well done Meng.
Nice work, Meng! Love the animations
@mikehlee_ Thanks Michael, Product Hunt is a really great place for makers to launch new products. Great community!
Love all the animations you put in the app! Really cool work @mengto
@nicomage @thomasmeagher Thanks! And yes, Spring was used for all the animations except the Hamburger animation. You can find the source code for that one in the GitHub project.
Really nicely done (as usual!). I'm curious, what was the motivation behind creating this particular app?
@benjamineevans it's a project I started last year as an exercise to learn iOS development and teach the steps that I learned. It carried over and now it's out, with a Swift update.