Design Starter Kit for Sketch

A starting point for your next design project.

#3 Product of the DayMay 06, 2019
A starting point for your next design project. UI starter kit, illustrations and skeletons combined into one system
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Hey guys 🙌 Design Starter Kit - a powerful framework for Sketch, where we combined in one system interfaces, illustrations and skeleton screens. All elements are neatly organized and easy to use and edit. If you find it useful use code phunt for 30% off 👻 Presentation: Preview: Guide: P.S. Check also our free design tools
@lstoregraphics @lamtp Thank you. I hope no, please try this link may be some DNS issue.
A gorgeous and useful product! I plan to pick this kit up as I begin to add Sketch to my UI toolbox (currently still a Photoshop dinosaur). Looking forward to playing with it. I'm realizing that myself and other designers should be open to using kits like these to speed up workflow instead of reinventing the wheel over and over with each new project.
You've done a great job @ruslan_latypov !
Great work @ruslan_latypov! The design system looks awesome + includes illustration pack as well 👏