Design Social Club.

Global social club for designers.

Design Social Club — the global social club for designers.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
This community is only a few days old but has already solved my main struggles: interacting with fellow designers globally and getting constructive feedback in order to grow as a designer. Totally unexpected but so very welcome!
This Slack server became my favorite place to be and it's only a few days old! Very welcoming community, lots of talented people willing to share their experience. Love it!
It’s nuts how this Slack community is growing. Everyone is welcome to show their skills and interact with other fellow designers, friendships have come to life already. Amazing stuff going on! 🔥🎉
Being a designer from "third world country" without much experience and connections sometimes can be a bit lonely. Design Social Club is very welcoming and I am legit excited! 🙈