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It took us few years to create this whole process, we've iterated it several times and tested to see what is working and what isn't.

Once we realized it is a great process and we can't imagine our work without it we decided that it's time to share it with a community.

Our goal is to make a world a better place with a great software, and great design process is a first step to achieve this goal.


Smart, easy to use and tested in several projects over the last couple of years


I don't see ones at this moment. Give us a feedback if you see anything!

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Love it! I've waited so long for a piece like that! Thanks! Only con -> can you maybe make that an epub 🙈?
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@mrkaluzny thanks for your feedback! We've already started working on the next iteration, and we'll keep that in mind :)

The best place to look for design related knowledge and resources so far.


Strict, to the point descriptions


Who the hell is Netguru?