Design Principles

An open source repository of design principles and methods

#2 Product of the MonthDecember 2017
+2 is an open source resource created to help you understand and create Design Principles.

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Feature request: a "wizard" that would take you thru the process of creating your own design principles (maybe borrowing from companies that the user admires). Looks like that's where you might be headed on the "Create" page. Please let post again when that's available. Nice work!

At we use some of these features on our website, for our SEO platform we used some of the unique design methods for our dashboard, our customers love it! :)


Great service for designers


What's not to love?

Would like to see higher standards on what counts as a summary for each design principle. Many are too short to derive anything actionable without visiting the links provided. Thumbs up for providing links though!


Solid resource to locate design principles of many different companies.


It's basically a list of links with some light content added to summarize the principles.

This is great! I would love to see some more visuals and examples of the principles.
Nice work Ben! Invaluable to have a resource of design principles. One thought; as a design community how could we promote the importance of establishing a design manifesto for a product/company—throughout a company and team, i.e. key decision makers? Perhaps a deeper question, making it a key part of company culture?