Design Password

Easy to remember password generator for designers

This generator leverage two advantages that we designers have:
1. Field-specific knowledge. We know typefaces names, css color names and adjectives.
2. Good visual memory. Where someone sees just text, we can see Helvetica in Royal Blue color and 12px size 🧐
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a password generator not running on HTTPS sounds like a really.... challenging idea.
@dkreide Your concerns are reasonable. I created Design Password to showcase a better way to create memorable passwords. And I do recommend "customize" generated password, what makes it more personalized and easy to remember.
This weekend projects started from my own struggle. I always had issues with remembering passwords. Even after I started using password managing soft, I had to keep at least one pass in my head. After exploring how to make password strong and memorable, I spotted the idea that combining random words is a better approach than random symbols I decided to take this concept one step further and use information that I have in my head to generate and glue these words together. For me, as a designer, it's obvious that Yellow Poppins typeface in 42 px size looks Tasty. Why don't encode it into a pass? "LightBluePoppins42Tasty" is a quite strong and memorable password. I advise adding some specific symbols to make it even stronger. This simple app πŸ” Design Password does just this: generates easy to remember passwords for designers by combining color with a typeface with size and design-related adjective. I hope you find this valuable. Feedback greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚
@k_v_113 I love this idea! I have a product I am building that I think will help this scale. Is there someone I can talk to about this some more?
@mareddyjai I prefer organic growth. You can share your proposal here or drop me a message on Twitter
Looks like a great idea, especially with colors ❀️
I love it, but I am always a little concern about an online generator for personal security. Anything make me feel confident on the product?