This course has been released to my email list only for a little more than the past year, and I'm finally taking it public. I made a special coupon code for folks here at ProductHunt. Get $100 off any of the pay-up-front packages with the code BANGBANG. (The payment plan options are already marked down, so there's not a code option for them.)
A little more background: much of this course is inspired by my book, "Design for Hackers." But, since the course is about three years newer, I was able to make it a little more to-the-point, and update the examples. By talking with readers of my book over the years, I learned a lot about what stuck with people. The format is short videos – roughly 5 minutes, each accompanied by a "10-Minute Challenge." Basically, you're instructed to set a timer for 10 minutes, and complete a short challenge, such as researching a designer of a font, or analyze a mobile app design. As much great theory as I cover in the course, where people often really have challenges is where the rubber meets the road: at work. So, there's a private Facebook group where students discuss work, tools, and share what they're learning. I personally have a Google Hangout with the group on a monthly basis. These are all highly-motivated, design-minded people of ALL professions, so the conversation usually goes beyond design to discuss professional issues such as looking for a job, or starting their own companies. From a business standpoint, this course helps fund the work I do (free email course at, blogging about productivity & entrepreneurship at, and other not-yet-public-or-even-a-THING-really experimentation), where I consistently leave money on the table for the sake of creativity and exploration. While I wouldn't trade the experience for the world, you don't make much money off of a traditionally-published book. Since I (jokingly, at the time) retained "motion picture rights" for my content, the money I make from this course is almost all mine (small cuts to SendOwl and Stripe). Having the community lets me interact with validated customers, and learn new ways to help them.