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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 06, 2015
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Podcasts are booming! I was looking for a podcast about design a week ago and found out there isn't much out there. I hope this fills my needs. πŸ‘Š If you're really into design and love all those small details some great apps have. Check out these blogpost by one of the hosts: Brian Lovin β†’
@emieljanson thanks for adding us here Emiel! We're really excited about where the podcast will go in the coming weeks :)
@brian_lovin I just listened to the first episode and I would definitely recommend the podcast. It could be slightly faster with a little more energy I think. I found myself getting a little distracted at 35 / 45 min. But that's it. Keep it up!! πŸ‘Š
@brian_lovin @emieljanson Ha! Totally. Learning! FWIW, I actually wrote a quick post yesterday about the learning process leading up to this:
I'm big fan of Brian Lovin's blog and I'm looking forward to more episodes of the podcast :)
I was really excited about this but I actually fell asleep listening to it. Granted, I was tired and rocking my child to sleep in a dark room, but...a bit more energy or faster pace might be needed? Love the intro music. I'm only sharing b/c I'd want the same feedback if it was my podcast. Looking forward to future episodes.
Thanks so much Radoslav :D
Beautifully! Looking forward to seeing how this evolves.
@itsleesimpson Thanks Lee, we're excited too!