Design+Code 2

Design and code a Swift 4 app using Sketch 40+ and Xcode 9.


Hello Product Hunt!

I've spent the last 2 and half months on this iOS app that would essentially be the book itself, and also be that app that you learn to design and code in Swift 4! My passion has always been to teach designers how to code and use Sketch. There's currently a discount for the pre-order!

Feel free to ask me anything!


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Rich Holt
Sergey Kudryashov
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  • Pros: 

    Promises material for all devices and all orientations


    Not at the moment.

    Just pre-ordered! I was just wondering if there are any videos available at the moment, because I wasn't able to see any video at the first glance. Thanks!

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  • Pros: 

    Firstly it comes from a real Master


    There is not Cons at all out there

    Hey Dude ! How are you ? Thanks for you nice jobs as i told you in Twitter i brought you Design Code and i can't tell you how that good is, well done Bro look forward for all complete Cours iOSS 11

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  • Tim Raiter
    Tim RaiterArt Director, Hello Baby /

    The first book was the best tutorial ever:)


    Don't know

    I love the concept "designcode"

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  • Elvin Hu
    Elvin HuGraphic Designer, Cooper Union

    Nice update cycle!



    Can't wait for the React part!

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