Design+Code 2 iOS

Swift 4 designers. Learn to make an iOS app, from the app

The Design+Code iOS app lets you read and watch 44 hours of content about the techniques involved in making this app, using tools like Sketch, Framer and Xcode 9. You can bookmark important parts, check your progress for each section and do exercises to strengthen your knowledge. Zero coding experience required. Perfect for visual people.

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Hi Product Hunt, After 5 months of non-stop work, I'm releasing the iOS app that I build from scratch in order to teach designers how to code. This time, it's not a demo app. It's a real app where you can read, bookmark, track your progress, do exercises. The app also teaches you how to make that app. No more to-do apps that don't face real-world problems. Instead, you learn important topics like marrying design and code, prototyping, animations, gestures, adapting for iPhone X and iPad, etc. Every step is shown in a video and put into searchable words and images. We teach Sketch app, Framer, Xcode 9 and other prototyping tools. We're planning to add React, ARKit, and Android later. There is a free trial for 7 days! Ask me anything! Meng
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@mengto Wow this is pretty cool. I can see this being really useful, seems user friendly and I like the layout.
@abadesi Thank you! We put a ton of effort on a seamless experience, focusing on smooth transitions, animations and gestures. These topics are rarely taught elsewhere in a cohesive way.
@mengto Congrats on the launch , great product
@mengto Nice!! Looking forward to Android!
Design+Code 1 was one of the reasons I got my first tech job! And this looks even better 👌
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@mlejva Wow. Super happy to hear that the first book helped you in any way land a new job. Means a ton. 🙌

Perfect for designers wanting to dive into development. Also perfect for developers wanting to dive headfirst into screen design.


Very thorough. Great content for both designers and developers.


N/A - Seriously great product.

I’ve been following Meng’s work for years. I even share his course at Apple for the designers who wanted to prototype in Storyboard. Since then, the quality raised to super pro.

It’s rare, but his team released the ultimate course to learn design and code for iOS.

for The price itself is a joke sent to other Behemoth, MOCs and al.

Respect old friends. What a journey!


Simply the best. Eas y to understand, perfectly designed, tons of video. I’m an early adopter since v1. What a job!


Seriously non

Hey, @mengto ! Congratulation on a such a huge launch! Design+Code has already helped lots of people to ship their ideas as iOS applications. And I'm sure this update will bring even more people to learn design and development. This book is a must-have resource if you want to learn how to deliver a high-quality iOS application from start (design/prototype phase) to finish (publish to the App Store). Definitely, recommend to everyone and thank you so much for creating it 😊 P.S.: Product demo video is fantastic! Amazing work! 🤘
@geek_1001 Thank Ahmed, this means a lot from a fellow maker! We're slowly learning to upgrade our video skills thanks to @dnisttahuz who have been working extremely hard on the video, making all the animations in Screenflow(!) and AfterEffects. We also have Ricky who did both the voice and the music/sound from scratch. I'd love to get our team teach these amazing topics that can be so beneficial to all makers.