Descript 2.0

Near-perfect transcription, edit audio/video by editing text


Descript is the world's first media word processor - edit audio and video the same way you edit text. With industry leading transcription and powerful editing tools, Descript makes working with media fast and fun.

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4 Reviews2.5/5

I just downloaded the app with the free 30 minutes of transcription and uploaded a podcast I recorded for one of my clients. I'm blown away at how accurate it is. It made a couple of understandable errors, but for the most part it was spot on. I'll be using this as my transcription service for now on. I'm incredibly impressed!


Incredibly accurate transcription with smart grammar correction included. Also comes with a smart text editor that seems to learn as you go


Doesn't automatically distinguish between different speakers, but this will likely change as their machine learning grows.