Collaborative screen sharing for sales & success teams


Demodesk is cloud-based, collaborative screen sharing for sales and success teams.

☁️No downloads or extensions, runs from any browser

🚄>5x faster transmission

👭Instant sharing w/ multiple participants for collaborative browsing and editing

📹 Integrated video calls

🔗Email/calendar & Salesforce integration

📅Team scheduling & booking pages

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67 Reviews5.0/5

We've been using Demodesk since 9 months now. I love the software.

- The software is robust

- Never found any problems.

- Better alternative to Zoom

- Don't need Calendly


Best part: We don't need download or create another calendly.


The app could be more Intuitive for the user on the other side.

Plus, It's GDPR compliant way of doing it.
Thank you for your feedback! We are more than happy that you like it! We are already working on a more intuitive version for our users.
Thank you for your review @aazar_ali_shad ! Your guidance was important in making this successful 💪

We have been using Demodesk for +4 months now and love the ease of use and experience for our customers. They click on the Demodesk link and everything's working. Really the best UI/UX i've seen for video conferencing and sales.


Easy to use interface and great user experience


Hard to think about cons, it really serves our purpose perfectly..

Thank you Benjamin for sharing your feedback 😊 Happy to hear you are satisfied with Demodesk

With the meeting templates my preparation time for each meeting is reduced significantly.


Especially when working with corporates, Demodesk does not get blocked by their firewalls.


I do not see any, however I do not like the waiting elevator music so much, at least I did not find an option how to turn it off.

Thanks for your feedback David! We're working on improving the music though, eventually we'll get rid of it

Easy to use, plug and play start - pretty much self-explaining with great acceptance among colleagues


Great tool for document sharing in day-to-day operative meetings


No video content sharing implemented yet

Thank you for your feedback Benjamin! We are working on making videos shareable as well, this will be implemented soon

We've been using demodesk for ~8 months now for both sales and customer support. No issues to date. It saves us and our customers headaches about version / OS compatibility and is a joy to use.


- no download needed for either party - devs can use it on linux, too!

- blazing fast (setting up a spontaneous meeting + actual sharing)


Sharing local files isn't super easy yet

Thank you for your feedback Ben! We appreciate that you took the time to craft it. Working with local files is high on our priority list and we will be offering an extension to do so more conveniently soon

We've been using Demodesk for more than 6 months and we use it for both sales demos as well as onboarding sessions for our SaaS product. It's by far the best and easiest screensharing solution for that purpose. The team is also super responsive for support and listens to feedback. Demodesk has been extremely helpful for us and we're planning to use it even more when video recordings and dial-out become available.


It doesn't use your computer, so it's always a clean and consistent demo environment that's easy to access, which is huge.


No dial-out and recording feature yet

Thank you @daniellangnet! It's a pleasure to be working with you!

I am using Demodesk for more than 1 year. The progress of development the last year was huge.

overall a really felicitous tool.


Works always, really easy and intuitive to use, good UI/UX, customer or leads don't have to download something and can use it via browser


Nothing figured out yet

Thank you for your feedback Fabi! Great to hear you are satisfied with it 😊

At Flockjay we train diverse jobseekers to launch their tech sales careers. So we prioritize having the best and most efficient tools to teach them the sales cycle. Demodesk is amazing in helping us make that happen. Seriously amazing.


Fast, smooth, intuitive



Thanks Shaan! We love Flockjay!

Our 20 people Inside Sales Team is using Demodesk everyday to provide demos to our leads. We constantly receive positive feedback about the good experience for the demo receiver. Previously we had tried, Gotomeeting and Teamviewer. None of them was similarly matching our needs.


+ Nothing to download or install on both sides of the demo

+ Great calendar integration

+ very easy to use


Not yet integrated with our CRM (

Thank you for your review and your continuing trust in us Hanno 😊 We're happy to have you as a customer. Currently, we're working on providing more integrations to CRM systems such as, we'll keep you updated on the progress and get back to you once it's ready for beta testing

Super friendly support in case of questions; always interested in feedback


cloud-based, super UI/UX (therefore also easy to explain to new joiners and customers)


VOIP in conference was sometimes a bit delayed (but is improved by now)

Thank you for your feedback Victoria! We've just updated our audio system, it's much better now. If you still encounter some issues, don't hesitate to let us know!

I will greatly benefit from this product since I am working mostly remote from my team and my customers


Huge improvement to the presentation experience, much more professional and smooth


I just used it for 1 day, so far no major cons

Thank you for your review Nadine! We're pleased that you like it so far. If you encounter any issues, just let us know - we're happy to help 😊

We at Building Radar use Demodesk for our day to day sales and customer success interaction to provide interactive online guidance and showcases to our customers.


Super easy to use, great support, great value to both using parties


UI could be a bit more 'sexy' and designed

Thank you for review Laurenz! We're humbled to have you as a customer. We'll certainly work to improve the sexiness of our UI in the future 😄

I just tried demodesk and it is remarkably easy and intuitive to use. Just a few clicks and I was ready to go – thinking back to how often I have installed teamviewer in the past, I can really see the value in this.


- no installation, no hastle

- neat design


- none

Thrilled that you like Demodesk!

Great product, impressive how the product develops/ improves.


Stay in control what your prospect sees while pulling infos from other windows. I also like that it mirrors your prospect's screen.


need some time to get used to the navigation

thanks Max - we love working with you! thanks for your frequent and helpful feedback!

Have used the product for six months and would recommend anyone to try it out


love the product - no installation of any plug-in, easy and intuitive handling and great templates to facilitate meetings


Only thing I am currently missing is a recording feature - can’t think of any other cons

Thank you fro your review Carsten 😊 We're working on offering recordings, we'll get back to you once it's ready for beta testing

Really helpful for meeting preparation, especially if you do not have much time. Great job!


No download required! Makes it really easy to use it


No significant cons

Thank you for your review Alex, we're happy you like it 😄

We just started using it for the sales of our SAAS solution


works perfectly out of the box!


didn't find any yet =)

Thanks Marius! We#re happy to have you onboard. Let us know if there's anything we can help you with

Light and fast solution (looking at you skype for business, WebEx etc.)


easy and efficient to use



Thank you Bao, we're excited to have you as our customer 😊

I’ve used it half a year now and am super happy. I didn’t find another tool that works without downloads.


Great that it doesn‘t require any downloads. Makes meetings with customers so easy and saves time


Could have some more integrations.

Thanks for your feedback @alex_knoll ! We highly appreciate it 😊 We're working on more integrations, anything specific that you would want to have?

Nice tool, I used just for a day but plan to use it instead of other tools I use


Nice way to show documents and web applications, no download required, easy to use and pretty fast


No recording features, sometimes full screen share is useful and it's not allowed (or I couldn't find yet)

Hey @amyoshino , thank you for your feedback! We're grateful you took the time to review it. Recording is not yet possible, but it's a high priority on our list. Given the many hunters here asking for it, we'll make it happen as fast as possible. For full screen share: are you referring to the fact that sometimes the shared window is displayed smaller than the browser window?