Outlining Tool for Feature Refinement, for Product Managers

Delibr helps you become the Product Manager that is in control of the conversation from discovery to deploy and unites the perspectives' of stakeholders and developers.
It's Workflowy on Steroids :)
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10 Reviews5.0/5
I've been using Delibr for the past few months - it's helped tremendously in improving my workflow and making sure that questions and outstanding discussion items get responded to by my engineers!
I really recommend Delibr. It's a great tool for structuring thoughts and documentation and for writing feature "specifications". The outlining part of it makes it very possible to keep everything in the same document but at the same same time allows you to make sure the most important things are not hidden by details. I have used it for several years and Delibr keeps adding great functionality and improvements at a steady pace.
Thank you @mikael_carl_holmquist ! We really enjoy working with you at Storytel as well.
So on a Facebook group discussion about problems in product management that solution came up by some participants. I already use it for writing our next product brief in an effort to capture all decisions and conversations in a living document that can provide context at all times. If I do it right I'll ask the Delibr team to include it as a template so others can use it.
Thanks @kostgx for hunting us! Really glad you like our product ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Hello Product Hunt community! ๐Ÿ‘‹ We are really happy to finally release what we've been working for 2 years. Delibr is an outlining tool for feature refinement created specially for Product Managers to help them be in control of the conversation from discovery to deployment. Three reasons Product Managers love Delibr is that we allow them to: 1. Write structured documents fast - Quickly capture thought, comments, links, images in a bullet outliner - Let structure evolve with blazing fast keyboard shortcuts to restructure the document - Collapse/expand or zoom in and see only the part you work with now - One click to transform your bullets into a nicely formated and easy-to-read document with headings - Turn bullets into a presentation, showing in real-time the parts you talk about 2. Facilitate crystal-clear decision making - Mark questions to decide - Structured way to show options, pros, cons - Rating system to clarify who thinks what - Clear decision process 3. Make the handover to developers seamless - Link a document to an epic in Jira - Write stories as bullets and add sub-bullets details like text, images, decisions - Batch add stories directly into Jira, without leaving Delibr - Let developers see details about stories from within Jira with plugin - Syncronize changes between refinement doc and Jira issues Being an ideal Product Manager is becoming easier than ever! Donโ€™t you think so? Happy to hear your feedback and to answer to all your questions! ๐Ÿ˜‰
My mind seems to organize most things in outlines, where โ€œdepthโ€ indicates some kind of level of information. An outliner for product specs makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for a great product @nilsjanse and team @delibr !