A modern, open-source data browser for Elasticsearch.

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We originally built dejavu as a data viewer for Elasticsearch to scratch our own itch at It all started when we shifted our APIs to use Elasticsearch transparently and needed a way to display the DB data to users. We tried elasticsearch-head and a couple of other similar tools but found them to be lacking in Ux and stodgy. Others (like Kibana) were more geared towards visualization / charting than viewing raw data and even then, were hard to use outside the Elasticsearch ecosystem. With dejavu, our goal has been to build an open-source data viewer with a modern UI and make it more widely available. You can get it from the chrome webstore, use it from a github hosted page or install it as a plugin with Elasticsearch.
Displaying ES data in tabular form and able to modify query through UI is amazing! Does it even generate the queries based on what filters I have selected through the UI?
@anantzoid Yes, we translate applied filters into an ES query. However, these filters aren't general purpose enough to cover the entire Elasticsearch query DSL and can't be imho.
Awesome tool.