Dejavu 3.0

The missing web UI for ElasticSearch

Dejavu 3.0 is a web UI for ElasticSearch that offers a GUI based data import, browsing with advanced filters and comes with an ability to build a faceted search UI.

Hey Product Hunters, This is a third major release of Dejavu - it's a complete rewrite from the ground up keeping performance (~3x better) and memory footprint (stays within a few hundred MBs when browsing huge datasets) in mind. If you have used v1/v2, this release adds the following features to them: 1. You can connect to multiple indexes, 2. Adds advanced filtering capabilities with a global search and filters for each data column, 3. Allows browsing nested JSON data in a columnar fashion. You can run it with Docker - over 500K pulls or Get the chrome extension - over 10K+ active installs or Try it live at