See the current temperature & weather in your Mac's menu bar

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2015
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Sounds cool, definitely going to try. what's the RAM usage of the app?
@yoavush I always have it running, never noticed any issues with it. Right now it's sitting at 14.2MB.
This app, unfortunately, doesn't work as of 4/21/16
Love this - but one question: what source is it using? Weather Underground? I find that sometimes there's quite a difference in the two readings. It would be great if there could be a way to click on a day in the 4-day forecast and go right to the source.
@jason_weingardt I think they are using Yahoo's weather API. Clicking on the current conditions in the popup takes you to a Yahoo page with more details. I'd love to be able to specify a Weather Underground station (like the one we have on our roof at the office).
@jameskoole ah, nice find. Guess I was clicking in the wrong place. What's weird is Yahoo Weather for iOS uses Weather Underground, but Yahoo Weather on the web uses
Turns out there are also iOS and Android versions following the same design aesthetic along with the Mac menu bar app.