Degreed Skill Certification is a professional credential that finally makes it possible to prove the skills you have in a universal, up-to-date, and accurate way. Certify the skills you have - any skill, any level, regardless of where you got them - so you can be ready for the next big thing.

  • Jess Huang
    Jess HuangProduct Designer at Degreed

    Open to everyone, every skill level; scientifically proven to be an accurate representation of your skills; beautiful design (ok I'm biased)


    There are still a few minor kinks in the process that are being ironed out

    When I joined Degreed, this is the product that convinced me to work for them. I got a sneak peek of some of the early designs back in January and saw the value immediately. As someone who dropped out of college, and studied something unrelated to my now-career, it's been difficult throughout my career to show my expertise -- especially early in my career when my 'work experience' was all freelance or work-study jobs! Had Degreed Skill Certification been around back then, I know it would've helped get my foot in the door for some opportunities. I'm excited to get my certifications in UX Design, User Research and maybe even Photography!

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  • Sonja Schurig
    Sonja SchurigProduct Manager at Degreed

    This is one of the only skill-based certification for the skills have mastered, regardless of how you acquired them.


    It takes a few hours of thoughtful work to complete the process.

    Degreed's lifelong learning profile has been around since 2012, but Skill Certification was recently launched.

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