Background noise generator for relaxing and working.

#3 Product of the DayNovember 02, 2014
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Hi, I am the founder of It's quite sad to see that people can only copy things instead of coming up with something new. Not just some icons, but even the description of Noisli has been ripped off by this app. I hope in the support of the community to not spread the voice of products that are just copy-cats. Thank you! @rrhoover
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@stefanomerlo @rrhoover 1. What's inherently wrong with copying? Copying is how a lot of great artists start out, and helps them learn. Copying is not stealing. Did they steal something from you? With descriptions on the sites I see "Combine the sounds of the world into a melody" on their site and "Improve focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment." on yours. Maybe you mean a description elsewhere :) 2. I'd encourage you to respond to copying (when it's not stealing) as one of the ultimate compliments. 3. In this case I think you can definitely rest on #2, because you said "instead of coming up with something new". New things I see on this site: cool "Turn off the lights" feature, videoscapes, and HD audio recordings. 4. I see inspiration from here too. Not saying there's no copying. And I know how it feels to see others blatantly take your own work and not expand on it. But I'm a born optimist and I do see expansion here, drawn from inspiration from your site and others. I think it'd be great to hear from the creator of this site and learn their story.
100% agree with @thetylerhayes here but in this particular case, Defonic is blatantly ripping off Noisli from the sounds to the presentation. "Copying" is often a wise approach when when building a new product (some people get too creative and build experiences that aren't familiar enough to users) but there's a difference between taking inspiration and replicating others' hard work. cc @stefanomerlo
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@rrhoover Thank you so much for your support Ryan!
@stefanomerlo Just checked out both sites. Yeah.. that's a rip-off case.
I love these things. Really nice sounds! It reminds me of Noisli ( but without the text editor aspect.
@graham_earley yeah it looks like they just ripped nosili off.
Also, for what it's worth, if you try to share the link to Defonic on facebook it gets a warning about suspicious link... but not
Man, multiple times I've almost not found this listing. I tried "sound" and it should be at the top. Maybe OP can improve the listing...I don't want to lose this again :( (Bookmarks/history were no help...I think of nature sounds when I think of this app).