Background noise generator for relaxing and working.

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Stefano Merlo
@stefanomerlo · Founder, Noisli
Hi, I am the founder of Noisli.com It's quite sad to see that people can only copy things instead of coming up with something new. Not just some icons, but even the description of Noisli has been ripped off by this app. I hope in the support of the community to not spread the voice of products that are just copy-cats. Thank you! @rrhoover
Graham Earley
@graham_earley · Android Developer
I love these things. Really nice sounds! It reminds me of Noisli (http://www.noisli.com/) but without the text editor aspect.
@paisano · Applanta
Also, for what it's worth, if you try to share the link to Defonic on facebook it gets a warning about suspicious link... but not http://www.noisli.com/