An AI-Powered Domain Name Generator

DeepNamer is an AI-powered domain name generator and brainstorm platform that can help you find a catchy/creative domain name.
DeepNamer inspired by the way startups name their businesses. From small companies to unicorns, you can rely on our suggestion.
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Good timing. I'm looking for a domain for a new Product Hunt project now.
@rrhoover that’s great Ryan, give it a try and share your experience with us, your expert opinion can help us the most. Currently our team working on new algorithm that we believe it will brings more creativity to DeepNamer.

I believe it would be good idea to suggest .net .org .info etc. Domains


Easy to use. Awesome name suggestions.


Only .com domains.

This is really awesome! Already found a name I loved and just bought it!
@aaron_kazah This is great and we are happy you find the domain you loved.
Works rather well. one suggestion: Let us choose TLD, Hyphens, Numbers, etc. So it doesnt waste its time generating names i'd never use.
@ryanleverington Thanks for the comment, we are currently working to add other TLDs to the platform and other comments noted too, Thanks
@saeed4bbasi Great to hear. Book marked it, and added to my collection :)