Deep Learning Personas

Chat with distinct deep learning personalities

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Julien Chaumond
@julien_c · Founder and CTO at @Circular
Hey guys. Don’t expect accurate answers here - it’s just another weekend hack for fun from the 🤗 team (following https://medium.com/@julien_c/cha... which got over 100,000 messages in just a few hours). With this experiment, we wanted to understand how we could train a neural network on new external datasets very quickly and study the difference in the… See more
Clément Delangue
@rrhoover Should we try with a product hunt dataset?
Guillaume Flandre
@gflandre · 🛠➕📸 Lead Architect @LaBelleAssiette
Well that was fun to chat with :D Seems like that conversation about my code not compiling, quickly turned into some deep discussion about each of us ;) https://cloud.githubusercontent....
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Waiting impatiently for the day when we can pull in ideal customer datasets to help us learn about different buyer personas. Note to B2B: if you're not archiving your chat and bot data in an organized way -- and so many firms aren't -- please start. 🙀