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Seems human to me 🙃
@fishsander 😂 😂 😂
Thanks for hunting @albn! Guys, this is a demo of chatting with a Deep learning chatbot trained through Neuralconvo, a Torch library that implements Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks, reproducing the results in the Neural Conversational Model paper (aka the famous Google chatbot paper). The Google “Neural conversational model” chatbot was discussed at length by Wired, Motherboard and more, but there wasn't an easy way to actually try it online. Now you can 👋 Let us know what you think here in the comments!
Very solid technical explanations of the process by @julien_c here “Chatting with a Deep learning brain” https://medium.com/@julien_c/cha...
Would love to know how your experience has been in botcamp and how that has helped you
@bentossell So far so good Ben! The best thing for us is to be able to pick Betaworks' dream team's brains everyday on every possible subject so hats off to @pmontee @matthartman @johnborthwick @gilgul @jamescooper @sarthakgh @ana_rosenstein @_roysd and more!
@clement_delangue any specific takeaways that have stuck with you? Or fav talks/demos etc
@bentossell I'll write about them after the program is done. I'm kind of in the pre-demo-day rush right now :)
I can literally spend hours playing with it. Would be perfect to be able to play with it offline in the subway. Great job, congrats guys !
@shub_s Thanks Shubham. You'll love our real product then! It's 100 times better.