Deep Fish

First app for fishing with computer vision

App for Fishermen and social network with Computer Vision technology

DeepFish it’s a new App for fishermen that use technology for automatic recognition of fish type and its length, with the help of computer vision. We created this for fishermen who wants share best catch with friends and compete with them in the rating.

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Hey everyone! I’m Aleksey — maker of DeepFish. I want to split this post in two parts. First —  a few words about App features: Using computer vision, Deep Fish automatically detects more than 60 types of fish. Take a picture of a landed fish with your smartphone and find out its type and length. Fishermen can recognise catched fish with a smartphone and put catch in profile. You can collect trophy and share it with friends. With DeepFish you can compete with other fishermen in the rating and find out which of your friends the best. Fishermen will always know where and what they catched. In DeepFish you have statistic of catched fish, and can mark best pools. Second — a short story about our product :) Modern fishing communities are still using forums created in the early 2000s and Facebook groups. Topics with stories about best places for fishing, an equipment and photos of catch are more active. People share a photo of a landed fish taken by a smartphone, posting it on a forum. Brothers in arms (in this case, «in fishrods» :)) discuss their catch, competing with each other about who caught a bigger pike. We would not like to destroy such a warm competitive atmosphere. Quite the contrary, we would like to make fishing more active, convenient and a bit more modern. About 500 million people from all over the world are interested in fishing today. Surprisingly, there is almost no modern sources and apps for fishermen. We would like to correct this omission. DeepFish will help fishermen not only to identify the type and length of a fish, but also to leave a trophy on the honours board. Every fisherman wants to see a catch in his collection. Scanning a catch, the app adds it to his profile, so he will be able to boast about it to his friends. Most of fishermen, who consider this activity to be more than just a hobby, may have a sense of competitive enthusiasm. We also decided to add ratings specially for them. Users with a larger catch will be on the top of a rating, becoming a motivation for others. A person will not be distracted anymore by posting a photo on a forum, identifying its type and length. The app will do everything. All that is left to do is to enjoy your favorite activity – fishing.

My dad had been waiting for something like that for a long time and was very happy to try out this app. There is a truth not all kinds of fish, but I hope that soon they will expand the base.


Looks nice!


Curious about how this App can recognize fishing length?



Good design


Everything is good. But you can translate this app to russian))

We will think about it ;)

CV and ai should help common people!


Amazing idea. Technology do help people!


When is coming android app? I want!

thanks for the review! We planning develop Android version later next year
Great job!! Good luck!