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Have you considered making DeeMe a Facebook messenger app? I don't won't to install yet another communication channel (in addition to whatsapp, snapchat, hangout, skype, instagram, FB messenger and Telegram), but I would use it inside FB messenger.
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@briodf @vesln Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to give feedback! I am not sure facebook is the thing for us at the moment, but we will have your ideas in mind moving forward.
@briodf Good suggestion... I tried the app, and without any friends using it, it's not very engaging as a first experience...
Like this one! DeeMe combines amazing typography with cool photos! What do you think? (cc @rrhoover @bramk)
Gotta love the design! Congrats!
@michaeladaixo Thanks. The design team is amazing! :)
Thanks for your feedback @rrhoover ! I suspect that your comments might be based on watching the video showing all the features in DeeMe. Basic messages in DeeMe vs Snapchat is just as fast. Being more creative in both apps is also fast, depending on what you do. In Snapchat: scaling text, using colours, drawing will take time. In DeeMe, changing fonts and scaling text is a fast fix. Same thing goes for adding our custom designed icons. The end result? Night and day. Best of all; your get to hang on to fun memories of friends and family. We send millions of messages every day. Why not make it a a beautiful stylish experience:) The planned future enhancements in photo filters, icons, fonts and new features is just going to make DeeMe an even better product. For a small startup to be be mentioned in the same sentence and measured against one of the biggest players in the world after three weeks, is just huge for us and we are very proud and humble to be a part of it. That being said, we are not the new snapchat, but more of a new player with a combination of the best of the best. We see that especially girls from 17+ is looking for a more mature and stylish product to chat with their friends. Close to 40.000 downloads through viral spread over the last three weeks since launch, hopefully show that we are on to something. Thanks for your support and we hope to continue to bring an even better product to our fans.
I'm... I'm not... I'm not amazed by the typography
@danjfein Good news! We are currently working on a bunch of new fonts to add. Also, test playing around with upper and lower case in the meantime.