Code snippets organiser for professional developers

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The most secure and elegant code snippets organizer for PRO developers.

- Secure (End-to-end encryption with keys that only you hold)

- Decentralized (Store your data on the data hub of your choice like AWS/Azure/NAS)

- Accessible (Intuitive UI to create or seamlessly import snippets from other platforms such as Github or Bitbucket)

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  • Pros: 

    -Easy to use, understand, share, organize chunks of code snips effectively

    -Secure with end to end encryption



    Didn't observe much as of now. Although its been just a week since i started using this product. Will keep using this and find out more

    waiting for more features to be integrated which can be used in an organization level like version control, entire application code encryption and storage etc

    Nanda Kishore has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    easy naviagation and secure snippets. Sharing is easy and fast


    Need plugins or integration with version control systems

    Still exploring reviews based on day usage and i am very happy with it.

    Pavan Rajput has used this product for one day.


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ChanduMaker@chandu_nainala · maker & technology enthusiast
👋 Hello everyone, Chandu from DECS team here. Thank you @aaronoleary for hunting our product 🙏 DECS (Decentralized and Encrypted Code Snippets organizer) is a beautiful, developer-friendly decentralized application to organize your code snippets - powered by BlockStack I started this as a side project and now it has grown into a four-membered team 🙌 with @krishnapemmara2, @krrish1110 and @santosh_tirunagari. Coming straight to the point... Why do we need another app when we have GitHub gists, Bitbucket and Gitlab snippets? 1) Security - Unlike traditional apps we use BlockStack Naming Service (BNS) to preserve user/domain identity with an underlying blockchain technology. BNS binds user identity to off-chain state without relying on any central points of control thereby the risk of DDoS or spoofing attack is reduced. 2) Reliability - Your data is end-to-end encrypted with keys that only you hold. You will have full control over who has access to your snippets. 3) Decentralized - We provide all our users, a default storage hub where your encrypted data can be stored for FREE. You can always relax knowing your data is end-to-end encrypted with keys that only you hold. Optionally, you can choose where to store your data, whether on a cloud provider (AWS/Azure/GCP) of your choice or your own personal server. 4) Accessibility - DECS comes with an intuitive UI to create your own snippets or seamlessly import snippets from other platforms such as Github or Bitbucket. Also, you can export your data at any time - no platform lockdown. and it's FREE! 🙌 We believe that DECS enables you to truly own your data and going forward we hope to see more applications adapting this approach. A big shout out to the Blockstack team for their immense support. Future... We have a bunch of new features (browser extension, capture by email, collections, teams etc.) in the pipeline to make the whole experience more seamless. We'd love to get some feedback and happy to answer any questions! Happy coding! 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Thank you. - Chandu contact us: or @decs_dapp