Recover lost revenue from failed Stripe payments

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"I need this" ..says every Stripe user, ever, myself included.
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Automated email dunning for subscription businesses built on Stripe.
Shoot, I wasn't quite ready for Declinery to make it to ProductHunt but I guess I can't complain. Thanks for the mention Eric! I'll check in throughout the day to answer any questions about the app.
@dpods13 We need a "Don't hunt me, Bro" button for people that aren't ready to get "hunted".
If it's not clear from the homepage, Declinery offers automated dunning management for subscription businesses built on Stripe. Declinery works to automatically address credit card errors and declines before it results in unwanted subscriber churn and revenue loss. You can get set up in minutes and all HTML emails are fully customizable to your brand. Best of all, you get to focus back on other important areas of your business. I'll be adding more features soon, like upcoming credit card expiration notices, churn and segmentation analysis, as well as better tools to manage your subscriptions, customers, plans and more.