Decision Jam

Make better decisions quickly with your team


We use the Design Sprint process, and we ended up using a lot of Post-it notes and stickers. We thought to ourselves, how could we improve this and also allow remote team members to participate, so we created this simple tool to crowdsource ideas and make better decisions quickly with teams

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  • Albert Padin
    Albert PadinGoogle Developer Expert, CTO @

    Save a lot of post-it notes. It feels way faster. It's anonymous, so egos don't get in the way.


    People are more quiet than usual (not sure if that's a con, really). Some people can get distracted because you're using a device.

    We've used this for quickly collecting the agenda for the team meetings. Much more effective than just asking out loud.

    We've also used this for deciding where to eat out. The decision is made much much much faster. ;D

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  • Pros: 

    Simple, easy and lightning fast


    Can't think of something as of the moment

    Based on AJ&Smart's LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam) and the Sprint Book from GV, we wanted to make a simpler and faster solution by digitizing the process without using pens & post-its. Works extremely well on deciding and moving forward on anything as a team. (Also works great on deciding where to eat too 😹)

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  • Pros: 

    Super quick! No fuss, and you get ideas right away. What’s more, all the people w access to the link are always in sync!


    Not really a con I can think of!

    Voting should be this quick and easy. No more complicated settings. :D

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