Turns your android phones into a noise measurement tool

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Can you leave Deciber on for a period of time and show average noise level? Or just spikes of noise? Example: my upstairs neighbor is very noisy, especially during the night. Could I leave this app on and send a screenshot of results to him to prove a point?
@3lehman thanks for the suggest! We were thinking about it too. Hopefully you will get it when we rollout the next version of Deciber. You can follow for updates.
@hamzeen is this something people (or you!) have really needed? I've never thought about needing to measure the noise of something/somewhere
@bentossell imagine you are at a very noisy rugby stadium and received a call from someone important & was unable to speak yet, you want to show the person what you are experiencing. This is a situation I have personally encountered, many a times.. :)
@hamzeen haha ok fair enough :) I'd just shout "I'm at a rugby match, speak to you later" haha