No. 1 Deals Platform for Growth Hackers: Save 95% on Tools

Dealify is the number one deals platform for Growth Hackers. Save over 95% on tools to create, grow and scale your business🚀
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Hi all😊, Helping online businesses to grow is my passion. In my previous experience, I have ‘growth-hacked’ a start-up from 0 to one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies. This experience is what has inspired me to start We make it easier for people to create, grow and scale their business, without breaking the bank. We offer exclusive deals on quality software with a discount of up to 95%. By doing so we create a win-win situation: 1. We help both the companies that run a deal with us, by generating a big inflow of new users, and sharing marketing tactics we used to promote the deal. They can use this to further scale their business after the deal period has ended. 2. The businesses that buy the deals by offering huge discounts, so they can invest money in further scaling their company. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
Thanks Tom! Much needed platform for bootstrapped founders to get growth and funding. Happy to have partnered with Dealify for BlockSurvey.
@wilsonbright Thanks a lot Wilson, appreciate it 😄
Great Platform! Highly recommended for any product maker looking to get traction at their product launch. Congratulations @tom_van_den_heuvel for the great work you are doing in Dealify
Amazing platform! Would recommend it to everyone that’s into digital marketing and growth hacking 🤩!
We've hosted 2 of our platforms on Dealify and we couldn't be happier! Tom is an amazing business owner and truly loves finding the best deals for his customers! The process was super easy and not filled with paperwork and legal jargon. Will absolutely list every platform we make on Dealify - highly recommend!
@timothymurenzi2 Thanks so much for your kind words Timothy! 😊