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Platform for buying & selling web companies


Dealflow is a global internet M&A advisory platform backed by a powerful network of investors and entrepreneurs looking to buy & sell online businesses from $100,000 - $20,000,000 in value.

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I've been fortunate to work with the team at Dealflow for nearly two years now. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy or sell an online business with real value.


Skilled team, high integrity. You can expect your exit or acquisition to be handled by true professionals who understand online business.


It's a relatively new brokerage and, as such, their network is naturally focused on quality while quantity catches up.

Founder, Technori

One of the only high quality markets for this type of site for sale.


Consistently finds interesting sites for sale.


Sellers have very over-inflated ideas of what their sites are worth.

Founder and CEO at Dealflow
Thanks for your review Seth! Naturally, every business owner is looking to get top dollar for the hard work they have put into their business over the years. However, the listing price does not reflect the owner’s expectation, it reflects our professional opinion on the current market value of the property. I do agree with what you’re saying though! Many business owners want to exit for a price above market value. Which is why the properties we currently have listed for sale are only a small fraction of the businesses we are currently working with. This is because the majority of clients we consult with use our exit planning services to align their sales price expectations with market value in the months or years to come. With that said, if there is a particular listing you believe to be over-priced, I recommend teeing up a call to discuss with the M&A advisor representing the sale!

An great start-up. Great staff.


very cool idea


I can't always get online