Blockchain-based alternative to iCloud.

#2 Product of the WeekSeptember 30, 2019
Dclouds is a suit of cloud based apps like Drive, Photos, Notes, Calendar Similar to iCloud services but built on blockchain-based technology.
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Hello Product Hunt, We're excited to introduce you to Dclouds, a secure alternative for some of the iCloud services built on top of the Blockchain-based on Blockstack Technologies. We rely on Blockstack Technologies to create server-less processing where all the job is done on your device, get saved and encrypted in the cloud as dumb storage. utilizing a storage system called Blockstack Gaia. This system gives you full control over your data to host it wherever you'd prefer. This allows you to maintain your data ownership, privacy, and security. in this beta version, you can use the apps we built to create and share notes, have your own private cloud storage, manage and record your Calendar events and upload your photos. our services are completely free in the meantime. in the future, we will work on improving the current features and adding new features to the platform to create a strong decentralized alternative that puts user privacy and security as its number one concern! Try Dclouds Now at https://dclouds.online And if you have any questions, ask away! We would appreciate it if you use Dclouds. Please upvote us on Product Hunt, if you liked and want to support us. We are also participating in Blockstack App Mining program; therefore, your support will help us secure funds to keep making Dclouds sustainable/better
Hello, this is a great product. Is there any storage limit? and how it works if i need more space? Thanks
@mhlassoued @trumanone2 isn't it like if there is no limit per account, anybody would be able to upload a proportion that causes others to store relatively less? There has to be an upper limit. Point is to know. :)
@mhlassoued Currently using the block stack provided storage you can use up to 10GB of space
Stuff we have been waiting for a very long time.
@wasim_ullah Thanks man !
First of all great effort challenging multi billion dollar companies. I have few feedback points I'd like to share. 1- Add a messaging service it would be cool 2- the landing page is not fancy 3- Make a mobile app it would be perfect
@mostafa_hamed Thank you for your feedback, some of those items are currently in development
Hey, hey! The product looks good. If I understand correctly data is stored on the blockchain, but what happens if I delete any data from my "cloud", it still remains in blockchain, right?
@kugusha it definitely won't since data is saved in gaia storage, It's not written to any blockchain, What's really written in blockchain is your identity and keys, and some other meta data like the URL of your gaia hub where data is saved with apps. And all your data is saved encrypted in gaia, no one can access it except you, So when you delete the file it gets deleted from your gaia storage, hope this answer helped you as well!