Airbnb for in-home daycare 👶

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Brian Lee
Brian Lee@kay0stheory · code monkey @ theymadethat
It's a good idea and you guys mention that the service is safe, but how and why is it safe?
Mitchell Geere
Mitchell GeereMaker@mitchellgeere · Founder & CEO at Daybear, Inc.
@kay0stheory great question. We do background checks, health & safety trainings, and we do randomized inspections (3x what the state already does). We are constantly in communication with caregivers to ensure they're not feeling overwhelmed and that the children are receiving the care they need. We also do random surveys with parents to get a sense of how their children are doing - behavioral changes or any outward signs of stress etc. All the founders are parents, and with that we believe we should only create child care where we would want our own children to go. Thank you for your question.
Mitchell Geere
Mitchell GeereMaker@mitchellgeere · Founder & CEO at Daybear, Inc.
Hi Folks! I'm a co-founder and CEO of Daybear. We created Daybear as a way to address the lack of quality child care and we do so by enabling stay-at-home parents and teachers to host and educate children at their home. We do all the work short of caring for the children. We want parents to never have to choose between family income and spending time with their children, not do we want them to have to compromise on quality. For teachers, we make it so they can make more than double providing child care through us than what they do employed at a child care center. This is what you can expect from us: For Caregivers - We help caregivers find children and enroll them - We provide the tools and support to effectively and efficiently provide child care - We guarantee payments for enrolled children - We cover a large portion of the start-up cost (licensing, health training etc.) - We provide continuous education for caregiver to ensure high quality of care For Parents - We help you find the right child care that fits your family’s need - We provide you with the tools to manage your child’s care in one place. (never fill out an application ever again or write another check). - We don’t charge application fee’s - We provide the same support for parents, any questions just give us a call, anytime. Sign-up as a Caregiver and get $100 off of your start-up fee and as a Parent get $100 off of your first month of tuition with us. We look forward to hearing your feedback!
Anthony Stylianou
Anthony Stylianou@anthony_stylianou · Social Media Manager, CatchApp
How is Daybear like Airbnb exactly? Is the booking experience the same?
Mitchell Geere
Mitchell GeereMaker@mitchellgeere · Founder & CEO at Daybear, Inc.
@anthony_stylianou we are the same in that we enable you to open your home to other families. Effective learning and growth through child care happens when children feel comfortable and safe. The booking experience is different because their is a bit more regulation surrounding enrolling a child in care. However where it is the same is that we make it seamless for caregivers and families to enroll. Thank you for your question!
Graham Seymour
Graham Seymour@seymourgroup · Growth Consultant & vCMO @ TSG
Sharp! Is the community pretty significant at this point?
Mitchell Geere
Mitchell GeereMaker@mitchellgeere · Founder & CEO at Daybear, Inc.
@seymourgroup it's growing quicker than we anticipated. :)
Siobhan Quinn
Siobhan Quinn@siobhanquinn · Cofounder,
Going to be so useful! Love it!