Date Helper

Don't just go on dates, get feedback & learn from them

1. Add your date

Date Helper will create a unique feedback link for your date

2. Send a feedback link

Send a feedback link to your date via your favorite messaging app

3. Get feedback and learn from it

See what your date liked or disliked about the date, and find out if they want another date

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This makes sense BUT feels like a terrifying thing to do. I don't know if I would have the guts to ask / read the responses. How did the beta go? @hokustalkshow @ohsik
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@hokustalkshow @abadesi Thank you for the comment! I understand how it can be terrifying for some people. Maybe it's more terrifying than getting into a strangers car when Uber came out at the first time :) It's doing better than we expected and we are constantly working to make this entire getting feedback experience as smooth as possible. We actually launched a new version that you can give feedback first on the date before you ask for a feedback.
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@hokustalkshow @ohsik That's super interesting!
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Hi there! I personally such services like to dating, and I like it a lot. I have used a couple of services for this purpose, and everything was great in my case. Hope you will like it too, good luck with it, guys ;)