A database of 3150 angel investors to get seed funding

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#1 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2017

Datastarta is a database of 3150 angel investors to get seed funding. It will save you months researching people who can invest in your startup

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Little alternative.... we have tens of thousands of investors on the @AngelList platform 😝 if you filter 'Everyone' and 'investors' Taaa Daaa
David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
@bentossell but without direct contact information, correct?
Lu Milevskyi
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
It's a pleasure to launch my first full-time project here. Thank you @andrewett! For 5 years i worked as an investment analyst for a global accelerator. A few months ago i left the job to ship my own products. Datastarta is the first one. During the accelerator journey, I met thousands of startups and hundreds of investors from many countries. Some of them were looking to work with accelerators. From my experience, 50% of startups who apply to an accelerator actually need a program. Another part is strong enough, has a great team and just want to setup meetings with seed investors on a demo day. Why spend 3-6 months to do that? I set down for a month and made a solid research on markets I know. I collect a lot of data, structured it, analyzed and decided to launch the first product as a database of angel investors from around the world. What you can find here: name, investment score (calculated by my own secret formula), investment criteria, location (city and/or country), the last investment/position, Linkedin profile, contact information (1-2 email addresses). I'm not a tech person, so I spent another week to set up an app using So much fun! I even set up a flow to apply a special promo code for every person who signed up from Product Hunt. If you want to upgrade a basic plan and don't see green pricing page, apply «producthunt» to get $10 off. Would love to get your feedback on the database and the product as well.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@andrewett @lumilevskyi Non-tech launches FTW! Nice job
Lu Milevskyi
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
@andrewett @bentossell thank you Ben! I was always wonder how people build real products without writing code. No i can explain it to others :) But signup flow is broken right now, so i'm trying to figure out how to fix it.
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@andrewett @lumilevskyi Seems like you are using Airtable to build and share your database, the list looks awesome. One aspect that I felt weird though - the columns that said "Signup to view" says "Upgrade to view" after I signed up, no point if the spread sheet shows the same info after signup as well. Say it out loud at clear to your visitors, if you have get some critical or usable data then "Purchase/Subscribe for PREMIUM PLAN" Cheers
Chris Davis
Chris Davis@imchrisdavis · Founder, Data Davis
@lumilevskyi +1 for Bubble usage
Howie Liu
Howie LiuHiring@howietl · Cofounder, CEO @ Airtable
@lumilevskyi CEO of Airtable here. I see you've used an Airtable embed to host the investor list. Very cool! However, it looks like you've also either intentionally or accidentally put an overlay over the Airtable branding at the bottom of tthe embed. This is a requirement for usage of our embeds product (unless you're on a custom plan). Can you please fix? Thanks!
Topias Soininen
Topias Soininen@topias_soininen · Founder / CEO @ Playven
This is a scam. I paid for the subscription only to notice they have listed only 55 email addresses. The rest of the 2400 investors have only linkedin links, and we all know that's not a very effective way of contacting investors. While there are many "real" investors there were also a lot of people who were not serious investors. I want my money back. Don't bother trying it.
Lu Milevskyi
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
@topias_soininen hi. As you can see i've explained why there are only 100 emails available for today's launch. It's because people pay, trying to copy the database and cancel payment immediately. I will enable contact info for all the AI tomorrow. Also you got full refund after the cancel request.
Jonathan Knegtel
Jonathan Knegtel@jpknegtel · Building
Looks nice! As another alternative, you could use (free access and trial) to see their full portfolios and LinkedIn profiles. All investors: All Angels: TOP TIP: you don't have to pay and can still make good use out of the free product, just start to sort by industry experience or location! Any questions, just tweet us @dealroomco
Rebecca@_rsamuelson · Analytics Manager, Prime Video
Is there a flag for which ones have been accused of sexual harassment?
Oliver Christie
Oliver Christie@oliverchristie
@_rsamuelson Would end up with shorter list... but one I think most people would prefer.
Lu Milevskyi
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
@_rsamuelson @oliverchristie let's crowdsource this!
@_rsamuelson If there isn't such a list for pedophiles, why would there be one for VCs/BAs?!? Because it's a "thing" now ???