Data Upload Add-on

Upload and verify cost data in GA.

A tool for Google Analytics Data Import.
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12 Reviews5.0/5
Hi, it’s Margo from OWOX BI! We’re extremely glad to share this add-on with the Product Hunt community. It’s a great way for analysts and marketers to defeat the manual uploading routine! Yes, it’s all about you and your job. Stop wasting your time on manual uploading: Install the OWOX BI Data Upload Add-on. Choose the cost data you need to upload to Google Analytics. Check all errors the add-on finds and fix them immediately, without digging into CSV. Press “UPLOAD” and – voilà – your cost data is uploaded. It’s so easy and harmless that anyone can use it. No manual uploading. Just OWOX BI Data Upload. Download it and see for yourself!
Thanks. I'll check it out today.
The great thing, especially if you use google docs everywhere like me :) Easy to use. Surprised the tool is free