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such a great feature. i wish 1password had this. i don t see myself switching password managers now. not even with that feauture. hope they will catch up
I wish I had had this at the time of Heartbleed. I'm considering switching from LastPass but I have 400+ randomly generated password there. Any way to import them?
@paulcothenet ,Thrilled to see that this new feature pleases you ! We have indeed build import processes for other main password managers to facilitate the switch. For LastPass, you can find the import process right here: http://support.dashlane.com/cust...
This is the greatest thing ever ! Now Dashlane covers the main 3 security rules : 1/ Have a different password per site 2/ Use hard to guess passwords 3/ change your password frequently. I'm sure @guidesnoes could talk more about that.
@guillaumecabane We also think it can be very useful in case of major security breach like Heartbleed...
This is killer feature but I'm cautiously optimistic since you're now introducing a larger attack surface and area for compromise.
@nery78 Hey Nery, thanks for your comment. I understand you being cautious but without digging too much into details, what we are doing is in a sense no different from what Personal Finance Managers like Mint have done for many years to navigate Bank websites on behalf of their users. We navigate on the Web from one of our servers using the users credentials to login to that website. But what we do is actually more secure than PFMs because we do not store user credential in a form that is readable to us. If you want more details, we explained in our whitepaper the security measures we have taken to make this feature as secure as possible: https://www.dashlane.com/security. ps: love what you guys are doing at Teehanlax :)
Been a Dashlane user for a while. For my money it is the best and most polished pasword manager out there. Clearly the most innovative with this new feature. Dying to get my hands on it...hint hint
Thanks, @BrettdeM, we appreciate your support! It's great to hear that people are as excited about Password Changer as we are :))