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Alexis Fogel
@alexisfogel · Co-founder, Head of Product at Dashlane
@OurielOhayon thanks for your comment. if you change your mind about switching and want to give Dashlane a try, just know that you can import all your data from 1password to get started easily: http://support.dashlane.com/cust....
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Ouriel Ohayon
@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
such a great feature. i wish 1password had this. i don t see myself switching password managers now. not even with that feauture. hope they will catch up
Paul Cothenet
@paulcothenet · Chief No Officer at MadKudu
I wish I had had this at the time of Heartbleed. I'm considering switching from LastPass but I have 400+ randomly generated password there. Any way to import them?
guillaume cabane
@guillaumecabane · VP Growth @Segment
This is the greatest thing ever ! Now Dashlane covers the main 3 security rules : 1/ Have a different password per site 2/ Use hard to guess passwords 3/ change your password frequently. I'm sure @guidesnoes could talk more about that.
@416nery · Product Design, @teehanlax alumni
This is killer feature but I'm cautiously optimistic since you're now introducing a larger attack surface and area for compromise.
Brett deMarrais
@brettdem · Partner Ludlow Ventures
Been a Dashlane user for a while. For my money it is the best and most polished pasword manager out there. Clearly the most innovative with this new feature. Dying to get my hands on it...hint hint