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#3 Product of the WeekOctober 09, 2019
Browse a gallery of prebuilt tools covering different use cases including finding and enriching people & companies, marketing, sales, operations, HR & recruiting, alerts, finance, translation, and more!
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Hey Product Hunt 👋 Thanks, @bentossell for hunting us. We're super excited to announce the launch of dashdash Templates! Ever since we started building dashdash, our purpose has always been to *create technology that make computation accessible to everyone*. We want to allow the 1 billion Excel users worldwide to easily build tools without code and using a familiar interface—a spreadsheet! We gave users access to business data and APIs through Integrations with platforms like Crunchbase, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Google Maps, and more. To make it even easier we introduced Instant Integrations⚡️, removing the need for API keys or monthly subscriptions. You just pay for what you consume, up to the monthly limit you define. And now, to make building tools even easier, we’re launching Templates! 🎉 Our templates give you access to a gallery of prebuilt, customizable spreadsheets. No more time wasted building tools. Just select the desired template and start using it right away! Templates cover many different use cases. From finding and enriching companies with Crunchbase, or people with LinkedIn, Hunter, Pipl, and Infobel, to creating automated stock trackers with Slack alerts or even looking up jobs on GitHub. More and more templates are added every week to cater to different needs! 📈 We would love to hear your feedback, know which templates you would love to see there. We are happy to answer any of your questions. 🙏 How to get started with dashdash Templates? ✓ Browse our Templates at https://dashdash.com/page/templates. ✓ Sign up for early access at https://dashdash.com. We’ll be reaching out asap to give you access — comment with your use case if you want to move up in line! 🏃‍♀ ✓ Check out our Youtube channel to learn more about what you can do with dashdash! ✓ Check out our forum to see the different tools built by our community. ✓ Follow us on Medium, LinkedIn, and Twitter @dashdash for updates or come work with us! Let's go! Humberto
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My job requires to build massive lead lists for outbound. I have been using Dashdash for a while now and the usecases around lead generation are really what I have been looking for. You can basically pull data from various databases (Crunchbase, Pipl, Infobel...) and build lists of companies. Then you can launch searches to find employees by job title and finally enrich them with email, LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers. After it's done, you have a super qualitative list of enriched leads and you can export them automatically in Hubspot or Pipedrive. I have never seen something like that before!
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Thank you @thibaut_souyris! It's been great to see you build custom workflows in dashdash, and I'm looking forward to seeing the sales professionals you coach adapt dashdash into their workflow, too!
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@thibaut_souyris you got to show me this some time. this sounds amazing
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So I've been using dashdash for almost a week now and it's a huge piece of the nocode puzzle! The simplicity of the functionality is what truly separates dashdash from the other solutions that can consume API data in spreadsheets. I must also mention that support via email or via the forum is really great and the staff at dashdash seem to really care about the product they are building and helping anyone use it. I plan to continue being a pest in the dashdash forums with feature requests as I do believe this will become a fundamental tool in the nocode toolbox!
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@colinwinhall Thanks so much Colin, it's a pleasure to be working with someone who has such a great builder mindset like you do!
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Congrats Torben, Humberto and team on that milestone! It's great seeing how you execute on the vision and take into account the customer feedback at the same time. Templates were one of the key things I found lacking and I am super excited to have them now
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Thanks a lot for the feedback, @eggertxyz!
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I've been using the product with a team of SDR's at Chattermill for few a months now using the API functionality to create tools to help their workflow. DashDash has enabled us to accelerate sales productivity, automate manual tasks and reduce cost substantially by relying on pay as you go APIs vs costly and clunky sales software. It will play a key role in our marketing & sales tech stack as we scale our team with future funding rounds.
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Thank you, @sam_frampton1! It's been great to be working with Chattermill and learn so much from you and your sales team. Let's keep on shaping dashdash together :)
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Thanks so much, @sam_frampton1 ! It's great to see you and your team using dashdash. We've really appreciated all your feedback.
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